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This was both more comfortable for her and, more important for my purposes, a more useful posture. It's a position which can be practical, worshipful or obsequious. Anna had only begun to learn the joys of obedience. I smiled and nodded to let her know she was on the right track, relaxing my grip on her hair and caressing her cheek and neck with my free hand. Where before you were adrift, unsure of your direction in life, you will become completely focused.

She was about to have her first taste of complete submission and humility. "Now take my cock and balls into your hands." She did as she was told, holding them as though she were offering a sacred oblation. There's the flavorless, frustrating life you've led so far with occasional relief when you decide to be naughty and flash a little titty, which is quickly offset by guilt and shame. I held her and spread kisses over her face for another minute or so, then took her shoulders and held her at arms length. It's for your pleasure as well as your correction, little one. You will have one laser-clear purpose, one uncomplicated function, one simple reason for existence." "Which is? To make him love you more every day, if that's possible." "Sounds like the perfect plan to me, Master," she giggled, snuggling closer. She thought that because a dozen or so boys had tasted her fruit, she was sexually experienced, worldly wise.

Then her expression softened and she touched her tongue to the finger, tasting the fruits of our lovemaking. I offered the one vital ingredient that was missing in her life, the ingredient essential for her happiness. I was a member of the local bdsm organization, the Iron Collar Club, and conspired with several couples to help accelerate Anna's acceptance that she belonged in the life.

With Anna, the contradictory elements of her character — that unstable mix of shyness and exhibitionism, abject needfulness and chaotic rebellion — combined to make perfect psychological clay for the molding of an ideal slave.

This does not come easily and naturally to any human being, but to some it is the only path to a satisfying life.

Next she suffers the added humiliation of being ogled by the hotel manager and police as they struggle to undo her tight restraints, their fingers skimming across her belly and nipples, their eyes sliding to the sexual juices seeping from her abused vagina, glistening on her inner thighs. On the fourth date I drove her to my home, mixed three round of tequilas, then ordered her to stand up and remove her clothes. Dressed only in a bra and thong she hesitated again, her hands in midair. I sat and enjoyed the sight of her without saying a word. She glanced up at my eyes seeking approbation, but I kept my face blank. ." I grabbed a fistful of her hair and twisted it, drawing a yelp of pain.

But, of course, she was horrified by these fantasies, thinking they indicated some kind of mental flaw. The silence made her nervous, as silence always does in our culture. She sighed and went about the more clumsy process of removing my shirt, the maneuver requiring her to lean in and let her nipples brush against my chest. "I believe you meant to phrase that more respectfully, little one.

Their slaves, already happily practicing the lifestyle, were delighted to help indoctrinate a new sister, aware that they, too, would likely be partaking of her charms as well.

Two couples in particular were especially useful: Tom Atkins and kristina, and Peter Arnson with pixie whose hair was a different weird color every time we saw them.It was also clear that she was an extraordinary butterfly trapped in society's web of numbing conformity. Four drinks later her defensive shyness crumbled and she let herself follow me to a quiet corner booth. But the boys who verbally salivated over her lush body and exquisite face, who poured out their devotion with tender endearments, plied her with extravagant gifts and wooed her with ringing testaments of their adoration, bored her silly. What really turned her on, she confided through the haze of her growing intoxication, was to be treated badly. I walked slowly around her, trailing the length of her long, dark, honey hair through my fingers.It was there I extracted her secret and knew just how I was going to win her. She liked to be roughed up, slapped around, taken harshly. Anna trembled visibly, warming to a fantasy becoming real, and reached behind her back. Looking me steadily in the eyes, she slipped her thumbs under the sides of the thong and pushed it down, letting it drop to her feet. Let me take you in." I let nearly two minutes crawl by, then told her to turn slowly, a full 360 degrees. When I was at her side, three quarters of the way around, I kissed the top of her shoulder, then gently bit her neck, then kissed her deeply on the mouth, drawing her tongue between my teeth.Synopsis: A psychiatrist knows how to lure women into a lifetime of slavery, providing himself with willing victims for sex and torture. Smith Chapter 1 There are whole books telling you how to deal with slaves. She was a confused and unhappy child who grew into a confused and aimless young woman — promiscuous and daring during the anonymous excesses of spring breaks in Florida, cloistered and unsure of herself when back on her college campus.But what can he do when his favorite captive becomes damaged goods? The wild Anna rode on a strange young man's shoulders, snugging her crotch to the nape of his neck, baring her breasts for the chanting crowds with their video cameras in return for free beer, giving her body over to multiple strangers when the beers overtook her Catholic inhibitions.Both shoes were untied, my pants and undershorts pooled around my ankles. "Open your mouth." She licked her lips and parted them, never taking her eyes off mine. Do it lovingly, using your tongue and your lips, lathering my cock and balls all over, sucking them." I could see and hear her breathing quicken. You're not used to looking at life realistically, Anna, seeing yourself as you really are. And then there's a whole new world where there is no guilt about the kinky and the erotic because those are the norms; and you need fear no shame for doing what you love, because that's what's expected of you; where you can be loved and respected and nurtured for what you really are. And when you're ready to join me there, tell me so. "I'm going to make love to you again, Anna, and stay inside you for a very long time. In which case I will send you away and that will be the end of it. But if you want a chance to be happy, to find the life you were meant to lead, if you want to please me and be loved by me, and turn your fantasies into exciting realities, you will say, 'Please Master, punish me. But in terms of the world I was leading her into, she was a virgin.

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