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’He replied: ‘We stored horsemeat for Flexi Foods on occasions when he asked us.’He told jurors his company produced a range of specialist sausages, salamis and hams.

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Police first interviewed Sideras in 2013 after evidence of the fraud was found at Dino’s and Sons, including blank documents used for forging labels to disguise the origin of meat.

The businessman admitted deleting emails he had exchanged with Nielsen, but said he only did it to avoid being implicated in anything illegal that Flexi Foods might be involved in.

Although detection of fetal hreartbeat by the A-scan and audio doppler ultrasound (the first "Doptone" was invented in 1965, see section below on doppler) had been variously reported by early groups such as Wang (1964, M-mode from 10 weeks), Kratochwil (1967, vaginal A-scan from 7 weeks), Bang and Holm (1968, A- and M-mode from 10 weeks), it was not until 1972 that Hugh Robinson in Glasgow, basing on improved instrumentation reported a practically useful 100% detection of fetal cardiac action from 7 weeks onwards.

The fetus was first located with B- scan ultrasound and the heartbeat obseved with a directed beam in A- and M-mode (also see below).

Ultrasonic diagnosis of molar pregnancies was described as early as 1963 by the same group.

Stuart Campbell's landmark publication in 1968 "An improved method of fetal cephalometry by ultrasound" described the use of both the A- and B-mode scan to measure the fetal biparietal diameter.

Images of various cuts of meat were shown to the jury, including the slices which contained the microchips.

Barely a centimetre long, the tiny chips were shown in photos in the palm of a purple-gloved hand next to a coin to show how small they were.

Sideras, owner of Dino’s and Sons, is accused of plotting with supplier Ulkrik Nielsen, 58, and his right hand man Alex Beech, 44, to pass of the meat as beef to boost profits.

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