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I have a friend who got married to a Norwegian here in the Philippines.

They just stayed together for more than a year but due to personally differences, they are now legally separated in Norway, according to Norwegian Law, divorced can be finalized after a year of legal separation, so the for the Divorce will be finalized around November 2009.

4 – We can assist with this case please have your friend contact us.

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Since they are legally separated in Norway, she has not been granted extension to her Visa and has been asked to return to the the Philippines next month.

Now, she is asking that he pays for her ticket and the annulment of their wedding here in the Philippines.

He filed for divorce in the US and I already have a copy of the divorce and a letter from their church in Hawaii saying that our marriage is already void and null and I’m free to remarry again but I’m sure that is not valid here in the Philippine.

What do I need to do and how much it will cost me for this procedure and how long it will take?

They are both my friends and I would like to help them, we just all want fair treatment to all sides. How much in average does it cost to have an annulment here in the Philippines including the lawyers fee and the whole process and how long does it take? Is annulment still necessary since the divorced would be finalized this November?

Is the divorce in Norway not sufficient to free her to marry again? What are the necessary steps to do to dissolve this marriage here in the Philippines so she could re-marry if she choose to, since she’s the only one bound by Philippine Law? Since they are both in Norway, I was just wondering if you handle this kind of case and if yes, can one of them email you personally to ask for the total breakdown of cost, since she is leaving next month from Norway already.Marissa, A Petition for the Recognition of a Foreign Judgment of Divorce at the Regional Trial Court needs to be filed to a marriage in the Philippines dissolved.I AM A FILIPINA CITIZEN AND 22 YEARS OLD RIGHT NOW.i have been never happy with this guy but i survived just to see my father happy and he just died last year.and my husband is abroad since last 3 years and her family is always threatening me and he too is always threatening me that i will do this and that to u. i have filled the form for cancellation of marriage last year but he is not agreeing to sign it.We hope that this could be settled in amicable manner.

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