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I can't wait for her next work be it a drama or a movie. and i thank the first female lead actress that she turn down the role. We hope and we pray that our Baby Ji Hyun will wait for our Oppa Ji Wook. She also has great chemistry with her male lead thanks to building a good rapport off screen.Up close and personal with your fave K-Pop artists: Instagram edition!

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She is the you truely NJH:) I just finished watching Suspicious Partner and I must say I loved her in there.

) I have never seen her dramas before suspicious partner, but after watching her cute acting skills I looked for her other dramas and found her so charming and cute actress.

Nearly 14 years worth of experience in imagining characters' perspective and incredible emoting led her to the point where she was so convincingly able to portray herself as a woman in love despite having a negligible dating history. omgg if im wacthing you acting so many improvement ! I always wondered what happened to that little girl...

I saw her as young Deokman and saying that I was 'floored' would be an understatement. im wacthing your drama and movies since you small till now !! she had the cutest smile and this star has almost the same smile but older.... She's one of the most promising actresses, beautiful and very talented...she's simply great in Angel Eyes, a younger version of another great actress, Han Hyo Joo...

Taking the latest drama as an example, Ji chang wook is a charismatic actor and it says a lot in Nam ji hyun's favor that she perfectly matched his skills with her own. You're acting is daebak since you were young especially in Queen Seon Deok and now i loving you more in What Happens tomy Family with couple Hyungsok! I watch WHTMF because of you, Wishing you all the best!

She justified the fact that she is technically his sunbae. Is Nam Ji Hyun who starred on a show which had different Korean actors/actresses who would be quizzed for answers and Ji Hyun would raise her hand whenever they answered correctly?

Didn't know she potrays young Hye Sun in Angel eyes. I know she already has two of such roles in her portfolio but I don't mind a third. annyeong nuna, u're tooooo adorable tooooo cute and everytime i look at you, there's a natural-positive aura which can make ppl smiling.

I loved her acting since will it snow for christmas. Also, i really like the Bok Sil from the rural village, she looks so so so down to earth! Her face resembles Hye Sun for me especially when she smiles and my gosh! Anw, Congrats Bok Sil for having a successful drama. Ko Bo Shil and Kang Seoul are both country bumpkins but the way she portrayed the two was quite different. I'd like to see her in an action drama, like when she was little deokman.

Her acting role are superb specially the intimate scenes considering their age gap. I watched her in angel's eyes..acting was so so..suspicious partner..was good...considering she is such a young actor.

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