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That’s like Best Buy spending K on a front page ad on the Wall Street Journal to have those customers buy one item and then never visit the store again.They’re go under in less than six months if that’s the case!

Greetings all, I'm preparing to publish ann ebook and selling it online, I heard about big platform for selling ebooks, they're Amazon and clickbank but I don't know which one I should stick with? My advise would be to go with Clickbank because it's not easy to promote amazon books and they sell for low price. up selling other products If you use Amazon you will have immediate access to all their traffic, but you can't charge as much for the ebook on Amazon as you can on Clickbank.

and which one is better for selling my ebook, Amazon or Clickbank? High priced books don't sell well on amazon, anything less than $10 will sell well. Clickbank sales won't come unless you advertise your book or have associates with list to mail the offer too.

Hit And Run Marketing Doesn’t Work Most new affiliate marketers getting into the business do what I call hit and run affiliate marketing.

It’s the model they’re all familiar with because it’s the one they hear about the most.

Please give me an advice if you have experice on selling your ebooks. Anything that is cheap will require a lot of buyers to make a stable income as compared to getting a few buyers for a high priced product. If you are brand new I'd stick with either Amazon or try JV Zoo or the Warrior Forum. I am a Kindle author and do make money from it but there are some courses (pdf) or video courses that are best sold by other means.

You can try them both, but that would be risky because whoever buys it a high price and then see it on amazon being sold cheap will get pissed and you'll loose a customer(s). Unless you're going to sell your ebook on CB/JVZ for less than , as you will on Amazon , then forget it!

While this model shows how to make money with Clickbank, the model can be applied to any other affiliate network or product (even a blog).

I just happen to like Clickbank because information is one of the easiest products to promote and sell on the Internet.

If someone buys one Apple product, then he is likely to buy another product from Apple. If someone buys a Clickbank product from you, he is likely to buy another one.

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