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Ashley Madison.com, the website for married people looking to date, surveyed their clientele and discovered that on average men spend between -0 on their wives, but when it comes to the mistresses, they spend 1-0. 1 choice for mistress presents, according to Noel Biderman, founder of Ashley Surprisingly, Biderman says men are more likely to buy diamonds for their mistresses than for their wives. ( TIF) will always be welcome but there's also the option or go online and shop for diamonds at Blue Nile ( NILE).Designed to provide a mobile connection to your critical diabetes information, Mini Med Connect is compatible with the Mini Med 530G system and Mini Med Revel system.

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The Airbnb printout looked idiotically flagrant by comparison; one page of the restraining order showed a big, pixellated image of my Facebook photo next to my Airbnb profile.

I seethed at the social Web for making it so easy for the world’s narcs to track me down.

Then I spotted something else: an Airbnb listing in a building nearby, hosted by a guy I recognized as my landlord’s right-hand man. When I delivered my rent at the beginning of the next month, I found the management company’s office under construction. The “loft-style” rooms are now listed on Airbnb for $169 a night.

On Monday, June 4, about 10 days before my cofounders and I planned to push our first product into the i Tunes App Store, a stranger in a blue blazer served me with a restraining order filed by my landlord.

There was language requiring me to kick out my guests (a German couple) immediately after being served, but the judge had crossed out that section and initialed in the margin; I guess he found that part punitive.

My lawyer later told me I would probably be forbidden to have roommates again, which in the pricey New York rental market is tantamount to eviction.We wondered if our landlords had any inkling of the margins.The incentive of thousands of dollars compelled me to buy hotel-quality sheets, consider feng shui, and clean the shower.Many of you – whether you’re a person with diabetes, a d-mom, d-dad or other care partner – have told us how important it is for you to have remote access and notifications to your diabetes data.This is why we’re so thrilled to share this news with you today.Attached to the order was a complete printout of my Airbnb listing and all my reviews, included as evidence I had violated clauses in my lease.

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