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Your responses made me realize how important it is to include everyone and make sure no one feels like an outsider. Sincerely, Katie Cynthia, I agree with you these poor kids of course they know they are being treated differently. If inclusion is to ever be successful class rooms must have more than one teacher present in the class.

Most recently, we have renovated our short-game practice area, enhancing our multiple practice areas for members and guests.

Our Bar and Grille Room offers a panoramic view of the Sarasota Bay extending into our event and banquet room.

They don't even have the decency to list them at a grade level with the picture. I see my son all the time helping other kids in his class not giving it a second thought.

If teachers would try some new techniques of group teaching it would help not only the sped kids but the kids in regular ed who are behind.

When this happens, I feel it is so unfair to the regular ed children that are in my classroom to learn and grow as well.

I teach high school children and my hope is that I make a difference in ALL of my kids...learning disabled and regular ed. Katie, As a special education teacher I find it crucial that children be included.. One child may need very little direction and one may need a lot more doesn't it all end up equal??

a life-threatening reaction when exposed to the food and/or beverage) when the following two requirements are met: For children with disabilities only requiring modifications in food texture (such as chopped, ground, or pureed), a licensed physician's written instructions indicating the appropriate texture is recommended, but not required.

Child Nutrition Program Sponsor​s can receive reimbursement for meals without milk if they operate Offer versus Serve (OVS), under which milk or other meal component(s) could be declined by a student.

You can only do the best you can, and in different settings that will be easier than others.

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