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Though a rarity, a few celebrities appeared in the last CBS season.

Among them were baseball legend Jackie Robinson, impressionists George Kirby and Rich Little, singer Mike Douglas and rock vocal group The Four Seasons.

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This incarnation of the weekly series ended on May 5, 2004, concurrent with the selling of the PAX network itself.

Beginning on August 11, 2014, the show returned in a new series with hour-long episodes on TV Land.

Its longest uninterrupted run came in the CBS Sunday evening version.

Debuting in October 1960, dominating its 10pm time slot for seven years, the program reached its peak in 1963 placing second for the year in the national Nielsen Ratings.

Some of Funt's pieces did not involve pranks but consisted simply of interviews with ordinary people.

There were bizarre sequences in which people, sometimes children, gave one-of-a-kind interpretations of works of art.

Four years later, a series of occasional Candid Camera specials aired on CBS with Peter Funt joining his father as co-host.

The show also aired a season in daily syndication (1991–92) with Dom De Luise as host and Eva La Rue as co-host.

The format moved to syndication in 1951 and continued for three years before returning to NBC in 1958 as a segment of Jack Paar's The Tonight Show.

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