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Internet users are more likely than non-users to have a cell phone; however half of teens who do not go online do own a mobile phone.

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Older teens are much more likely to own phones than younger teens, and the largest increase occurs at age 14, right at the transition between middle and high school.

Among 12-13 year olds, 52% had a cell phone in 2008.

Perhaps more illuminating with regard to what teens really enjoy are the Project’s findings on daily telephone related activities, and how these stack up against other types of communication.

For daily activities, cell phone-based communication is dominant, with nearly 2 in 5 teens sending text messages every day.

Fully 88% of all teens – regardless of whether or not they own a cell phone – say that they talk to their friends on a landline phone at least occasionally.

By comparison, 67% of all teens say they talk to friends on a cell phone, and 58% of all teens say they have ever sent a text message.

In 2004, we found that a tiny number of teens use their mobile devices to use the internet.

At that point in time, 45% of teens had a cell phone and 10% of them said they used it to go online.

Since that time, mobile phone use has climbed steadily among teens ages 12 to 17 – to 63% in fall of 2006 and then to 71% in early 2008.

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