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With the exception of Little Kids' Camp, extended supervision (before 9am and after 3pm) is available for an added fee.Please note your need for extended supervision on your registration form.The Horse Camp photo page tells a lot about a day at Horse Camp.

Activities This camp is oriented to kids ages 8 to 15 who have little knowledge or experience with horses.

Seven year-olds may attend if they are sufficiently mature and/or have some basic experience with horses.

"We just wanted to thank Richard, Bruno and Elana for an amazing weekend at the farm!

We felt so welcomed, everyone was so friendly and hospitable.

If your selected date is not available you can go over the available dates with lisa by phone to find you the right fit, we will be offering a full 9 Weeks of Camp this year so we hope we can accommodate everyone. After we review your “ In advance of Camp to save the lost time needed to go over forms and payments on the first day of camp. LUNCH/WATER: We Provide Bottled water throughout the week for the Kids at no cost.

Your Camper children will be super excited and “Chomping at the Bit” To ride the ponies, and not want to wait while mom and dad go over forms.. You are required to provide your camper with a healthy lunch Monday thru Thursday.

It also provides an introduction to how to ride and handle horses.

Nearly every day we hear about a child who would like to own his/her own horse, but whose parents are concerned that the child does not know about all of the that goes along with owning a horse. ) dream of owning a horse, but the day-to-day responsibility and the frustrations of having a horse that doesn't behave as the rider dreamed he would, soon dampen the horse owner's enthusiasm.

Many a “horse crazy” child wants her parents to buy her a horse.

A horse riding camp gives a boy or girl the opportunity to learn about the responsibilities of horse care, how to keep a horse and be safe around horses.

The HCF after-school program is open to everyone from very beginner through advanced horseback riders.

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