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All in all it was about 15 minutes and then he jammed his cock as far in my mouth as he could and I felt his cock twitching and knew he was going to cum and I actually panicked and tried to pull off his cock but he had a death like grip on my head and started cumming.

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I walked up to the clerk and asked him about the back and he said I needed a membership and had to purchase 3 dollars in coins to go back so being curious I paid the 10 bucks and got my change and headed back there.

I go through the curtain into a very dimly lit hallway and stood there a little bit to let my eyes adjust and noticed there was like a maze with little rooms with TV monitors in them with a little bench to sit on these rooms didn't have doors on them but the way they were designed it was somewhat private unless someone looked around the little wall.I actually started sucking and slowly taking in more and more of his cock which was about 6 1/2 inches and average thickness but as I got towards his pubes I did start to gag some but about 5 minutes of this I felt my nose in his pelvic and his verbal comments telling my it felt good but at one time he said watch your teeth which after that I concentrated on not using my teeth.About 10 minutes into it I was really getting into it and his verbal assaults were turning me on even more and found myself stroking my little cock while eagerly sucking this guy off.Bitchy boss Diamond Jackson is so uptight that upper management has decided to pay for her to get a nice relaxing massage.Unfortunately for them, the massage turns out to be anything but relaxing as Diamond demands a pr...With me sitting and him standing my face was pretty level to his crotch and he stepped closer and put his other hand on the back of my head and felt like he had a vise grip and started pulling my head towards his cock and telling me to suck him.

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