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These allusions, of course, stem from the Biblical account of events that occurred in the days of Abraham in Genesis 19.Two legendary cities from prehistoric Israel in the neighborhood of the Dead Sea..is highly uncertain, if not improbable, that the vanished cities of the Pentapolis will ever be recovered (1992: 99, 102).

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From references to the "plain of the Jordan" (Gn ), "the Valley of Siddim (the Salt Sea)" (Gn 14:3) and Abraham looking down to see the Cities of the Plain from the area of Hebron (Gn ), it is clear that the cities were located in the vicinity of the Dead Sea.

Since the mountains come close to the shore on both the east and west, the cities must have been located either north or south of the Dead Sea.

Because Lot fled to Zoar to escape the catastrophe (Gn –23), the town was spared from God's judgment.

From later references to Zoar in the prophecies against Moab (Is 15:5; Jer ), we know that the town continued to exist.

Continue reading The names Sodom and Gomorrah(1) are bywords in our modern society.

An especially wicked place is described as a "Sodom and Gomorrah." Pastors are sometimes said to be preaching "fire and brimstone." And we have the legal term sodomy for unnatural sex acts.It is further mentioned in various ancient references from the Hellenistic period to the Middle Ages (Schaub 1997b: 63; Astour 1992; Howard 1988b).(4) The most important source for locating the site is the Madaba map, a mosaic map on the floor of a church Bab edh-Dhra townsite and cemeteries.An enormous Early Bronze Age cemetery was found at Feifa by Rast and Schaub in 1973, as well as a fortified enclosure (1974: 11–12).Upon excavation, the enclosure turned out to be an Iron Age II (eighth century BC) fortress constructed over part of the Early Bronze Age cemetery (de Vries 1991: 262; Mac Donald 1997: 65).Bitumen (a natural petroleum product similar to asphalt) was commonly found in the shallow southern basin of the Dead Sea in antiquity.

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