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But what happpens to a Space Marine when he is stranded in a place where his unique set of talents are neither needed, desired, or valued by humanity?

If we let her go, she'll stay because she knows there's nowhere to run." Warning: torture/sexual abuse/suicide attempt. That didn't work out well either, but they were introduced to a much larger galaxy. Following SHIELD's fall, Skye navigated the trust issues and desperate power grabs with Hydra while struggling with her new powers.

Summary-Book IV: Years ago, the Colonials of Cyrannus met the so-called 13th tribe. Now their errors have come back and they know they are small fish in a large ocean trying to survive. Meanwhile, Ward worked to rid himself of any emotional attachments and forget the past that seemed to follow him everywhere. Boz the Buzzard hosts this pirate radio station, beaming out music to the Normandy, Fallen Serpent, Crusty Chorka and Ascendant Justice non-stop.

I've since moved on from it, and probably won't go back to it any time soon, if ever. The Season Two AU: Three and a half years after the fall of SHIELD, Coulson and his team are still struggling to rise from the ashes, slowly piecing their lives and organization back together one shard at a time.

With nowhere else to turn and the life of one of their own on the line they're left with no choice but to break Ward out of prison and bring him along [continued within]It had been 7 months since Skye had disappeared, 7 months where they had twisted her reality, 7 months her team had searched before they found her. Sever all of the ties that she has…We want the word 'hope' to be out of her vocabulary.

It doesn't mean I ship them in all ways and all circumstances either.

To ship something is to feel that there is an interesting story to be told in the relationship or the possibility of it.But when a mission gone wrong results in two becoming entangled, it begins a chain of events that changes everything. BBR has only one mission, to keep Rock n Roll alive in the dark void of outer space.Canon AUA disillusioned WWE Diva (OC) makes an unwise wish and finds herself transported to a world where the fights are unscripted, to the death, and there's nowhere to shower afterwards. Two worlds, two universes, once divided, now united, for better or worse. Miraak will return to enslave the living and undead... A companion story to "Remnants" that shows what happens while Shepard is off playing hero. A series of au stories featuring our lanky warlock and stunning witch, with occasional appearances from the Knights, Once and Future King and Queen and High Priestesses!What if Natasha Romanoff chose to give him that chance? Out of the Shadows and Into the Light: A sequel to 'A Different Choice' exploring the changes caused by Ward not betraying the team at the end of Season 1, and how that effects Season 2a of Ao S. Plus, when I look back at both it and The Fourth Tale, I'm a little embarrassed at how bad the writing is.LDR explores that question - the quest to better yourself and establish your own identity free from your brainwasher won't be easy, Ward, but with Romanoff's help... Can Skye make sure no one else finds out Grant was Hydra? I may, someday, go in and rewrite TFT, but odds are I won't. to help NCIS deal with a case of the supernatural nature.With every change Xander makes, Fate changes things in response - will the Iron Coin be enough for Xander to avert Fate's plans for his friends? Iron Coin Chronicles: The Flip Side: Follows the events of Angel the Series in a universe where Cordelia and Wesley never went to L. Battered Souls: My desire to write more Faith/Amy Fic created this.

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