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In addition to major new legislation, a benefited from a recovery in the Euro Zone as a whole, and in Germany number of other measures have been proposed for enactment or merely for in particular.

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The insurance industry’s demand components, although the drop was smaller in real terms than contribution to GDP fell to 8.6%, from a level of 9.1% in 2005.

that recorded in 2005 (a reduction of 2.1% as compared with 3.8%).

In terms of direct underwriting, the insurance market recorded further contraction in 2006.

Premiums written totalled 13,122 million euros, Gross fixed capital formation again performed worst in the domestic down by 2.5% on the previous year.

A call centre, working long hours and providing a personalised services, together with a website offering a number of online services, mean that our customers can reach us easily and comfortably wherever they are.

136 years of history are the proof of Tranquilidade’s experience and know-how, providing a store of expertise and a launch pad for future operations, allowing us to assure the company’s essential core value: our customers’ peace of mind. (Member) João Augusto & Associados ( Alternate member ) Sociedade de Revisores Oficiais de Contas represented by Ana Cristina Soares Valente Dourado 10 COMPANY OFFICERS Executive Board Peter de Brito e Cunha Tomé Pedroso Miguel Rio-Tinto João Ribeiro Miguel Moreno Eduardo Stock TRANQUILIDADE’06 11 Colecção BESart • MATT MULLICAN “Untitled (Default Atmosphere) #15”, 2006 • 70 x 100 cm • Digital Print 02’ DIRECTORS’ REPORT A DYNAMIC AND CONSOLIDATED PATH, MANAGING CONFIDENCE.

The contribution made by new paid close attention to all these developments.

exports to growth increased over the year from -0.3 p.p. Coinciding with a moment when the industry is committed to dealing with all the challenges, the financial year of 2006 also brought signs of In contrast, domestic demand made a smaller contribution to growth, dropping a turnaround in the economic cycle in the industry, which has been from 0.7 p.p. Consumer spending slowed even further, with growth characterized by a decline in underwriting and a worsening, or at least falling from 2.1% in 2005 to 1.2% in 2006.

T-Vida has taken over the non-banking insurance portfolio of the former Tranquilidade-Vida, and operates through Tranquilidade’s sales outlets and brokers’ network.

Established in all market segments, with a full range of products geared to private customers, small and medium business and large corporations, and with a multi-channel distribution system, Tranquilidade has asserted itself as a specialist in protection.

revenues, this helped to bring down the budget deficit from 6% to 4.6% of GDP, in line with the targets set in the Stability and Growth The trends towards slower growth in non-life products continued in Programme. Premiums written totalled 4,360 million euros, up by 1.2% (lower 14 DIRECTORS’ REPORT than inflation), representing 33% of the total insurance market and 3% closer to its customers and to improve service standards; this involved of GDP.

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