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The institute's Kasturbhai Lalbhai Management Development Centre and a Kasturbhai Lalbhai Chair in Entrepreneurship are named in his honour. Matthai and several other Ahmedabad-based industrialists also played a major role in its creation.The IIMA campus is situated across 106 acres in Vastrapur, Ahmedabad. Mathai Auditorium, the Louis Kahn Plaza, the International Management Development Centre, the Kasturbhai Lalbhai Management Development Centre, the Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship, sport facilities, several food outlets and merchandise stores.De stad bleef groeien als de hoofdstad van de staat Gujarat gedurende zes eeuwen, tot vandaag de dag.

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The city continued to flourish as the capital of the State of Gujarat for six centuries, up to the present.

La ville fortifiée d’Ahmedabad a été fondée par le sultan Ahmad Shah au XVe siècle, sur la rive orientale du fleuve Sabarmati.

The Student Affairs' Council (SAC) is the umbrella student body at IIMA that helps in the administration of the 40 clubs and committees on campus.

Confluence is the annual international management symposium hosted by IIM Ahmedabad. Conne Xions is the event for the PGPX program at IIMA.

The walled city of Ahmadabad, founded by Sultan Ahmad Shah in the 15th century, on the eastern bank of the Sabarmati river, presents a rich architectural heritage from the sultanate period, notably the Bhadra citadel, the walls and gates of the Fort city and numerous mosques and tombs as well as important Hindu and Jain temples of later periods.

The urban fabric is made up of densely-packed traditional houses () with characteristic features such as bird feeders, public wells and religious institutions.The campus houses the academic blocks, faculty offices, student and faculty accommodation, the Dr. In 1962, the IIMA board came to a formal agreement with the National Institute of Design (NID) for the latter to undertake the task of designing the IIM Ahmedabad campus. Kahn worked on the IIMA project from 1962 until his death in 1974.The National Institute of Design appointed American architect Louis Kahn and B. Kahn's architecture is characterized by the use of exposed red bricks, the extensive use of geometric shapes in hostels and academic blocks and vast corridors outside the classrooms.In 2015-16, 140 students from IIMA spent a semester at affiliate business schools across North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Asia Pacific region, while 87 students from foreign colleges spent a semester at IIMA for the same period.The Institute has a Dual Degree programme arrangement with a few business schools such as HEC Paris, Bocconi University, ESSEC Paris, University of Cologne and ESCP Europe.A number of tourists and architecture students visit the campus every year.

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