Algerian girls dating marriage

ate on an August night in 2013, Tania Joya found herself stranded with her husband and three young sons in a Turkish city not far from the border with Syria.

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As her devotion grew, she said, “I started wagging my finger at my family, judging them, calling them insincere Muslims.” She became best friends with an Algerian girl who wore a jilbab, or Islamic robe, and her friend encouraged her to wear one too.

Tania thought it would prove how pious she had become. “When I first brought it up to my parents, they hated it,” she said. But no one could tell me why.” When she was seventeen, she saw news of the 9/11 terror attacks on TV. ” Some of her new friends were members of ultra-conservative groups and were supporters of jihadism and political Islam.

” Sometimes, they’d use the roof of the family’s car as a toilet.

“I remember being five years old and wanting to run away,” she said.

He was a jihadist—soon to become one of the most senior Westerners in ISIS—who dreamed of helping form a caliphate, an Islamic kingdom to rule the world.

She was growing increasingly disenchanted with his quest.

One of her fondest childhood memories was a visit to Bangladesh, where she stayed with wealthy relatives in a white-pillared mansion with a cricket field and a pond.

She loved Bangladesh, despite acquiring a mysterious rash while she was there. “Nobody treated us like we were second class,” she said. ’ ” Her family was Muslim, and her relatives encouraged her and her sisters to dress modestly in loose pants and long skirts.

They had most recently been living in Egypt but had been forced to flee that country amid the chaos that followed the 2013 ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood–led government.

They’d headed for the eastern Turkish city of Gaziantep, about thirty miles from the Syrian border, where people spoke Arabic and her husband could find work.

Her husband, a convert to Islam, was a Texan, from Plano.

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