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And a naive and dangerous popular faith has grown, notably since the Civil War, that democracy and capitalist enter- prise are two aspects of the same thing, so that the progress mani- festly occurring in industry must also be happening in the demo- cratic political system.

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Down, to the First World War abroad, and until 1929 in the United States, what businessmen did was regarded as primarily their own busi- ness.

Since the fruit of their activities slopped over in taxes, wages, and dividends, it was manifestly contributing to general welfare.

That men have recurrently had to have recourse to revolu- tions in order to assert such a pattern of power attests the inveterate presence within society of a contrary tendency.

Power is no less "political" for being labeled "economic" power; for politics is but the science of "who gets what, when, and how." Alexander Hamil- ton advocated and Jefferson opposed the effort of clotted economic power to substitute concentrated minority class power for diffused power.

Even in recent dec- ades, as business has grown in power until it has become a jostling giant, democracy has largely failed to recognize its political sig- nificance.

The world was large and its wealth seemingly unlimited, and if business was growing bigger and more noisily insistent, this was viewed as but a surface manifestation of rugged growth.

In such an environment, democracy has been largely tolerant of the businessman, for the most part encouraging him with a lavish hand; for upon his restless enterprise the public welfare was con- ceived to rest.

The "trust busting" of the turn of the century was a protest against what seemed to be excesses in an otherwise normal system, not a protest against the system itself.

Fascist monopoly capitalism adopts "National Socialism"; organized industry opposes organized labor in the name of "democracy"; and ideological opposites fight side by side for goals that sound alike only because they are left vague.

In such a time, when men and their most cherished concerns are being dragged headlong at the heels of confused events, the one chance for constructive recovery of control lies in the diagnosis of underlying causes. Brady cuts through to the central problem dis- rupting our world, the most dangerous issue democracy faces.

This is a book about power and the organization of power around the logic of technology as operated under capitalism.

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