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What’s more, how did she manage to satisfy the government’s supposedly strict rules on inter-country adoption, in particular, the rules which stipulate foreigners must be resident in Malawi for 18 months before they can adopt?‘The law needs to be reviewed,’ said Alfred Seza Munika, director of Malawi’s Child Rights Advocacy and Paralegal Aid Centre.She has two other children, 20-year-old Lourdes and 16-year-old Rocco, from previous relationships.

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But families are now being actively told that orphanages are the best place for children when clearly the best place for them is with their own families.‘It’s unjust to our culture and traditions and it’s unjust to our children who have no voice.’So how on earth, given that she is a U. citizen and not resident in Malawi, did Madonna manage to adopt yet two more children from one of the poorest nations in the world?

Well, it goes without saying that her extensive charity work in the country has helped.

At last week’s hearing at the High Court, a rather modest one-storey red-brick building in Lilongwe, Justice Fiona Mwale referred back to the 2009 appeal court hearing, saying that having proved her status as ‘resident’ once before, there was no need for Madonna to do so again.

Nor was the fact that Madonna is only two years shy of her 60th birthday seen as a barrier to adopting the two girls, although the super-fit singer had to undergo various health checks to ensure she could care for them.

There were the airport officials waiting to whisk her through the VIP lounge usually reserved for Government officials and the convoy of SUVs on hand to whizz her through the streets of the city to the exclusive country lodge she uses as her base on visits to the tiny nation.

There, too, was the warm, meticulously-planned welcome awaiting her at the £100-a-night per person resort where, as usual, every one of the 16 luxury thatched suites had been set aside for her, to guarantee absolute privacy.

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But, above all, there were the last-minute legal machinations leading up to the highly controversial decision to allow the mother-of-four to adopt twin sisters from the impoverished African country.

Having already been given permission to adopt David Banda in 2006, and then Mercy James in 2009, the twice-divorced single mother was granted custody of four-year-old Esther and Stella Mwale during a flying visit to Malawi.

According to a rigorous ‘Adoption Home Study Report’, she was examined by her own doctor and ‘meets and exceeds the needs of health and physical fitness required for this adoption’.

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