American traditions of dating

The chocolate fish usually begin appearing in the shops on April 1, just in time for April Fool's Day, and all the fun and games that surround that day!

In one such game, the children play a trick on the adults by sticking a paper fish on the backs of as many adults as possible.

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It makes sense then, that these very same churches are central to Easter celebrations.

The tradition begins on Maundy Thursday, before Good Friday.

Much of the French community takes joy in this, fanning out into the streets, shouting boisterous greetings to neighbors, and giving warm hugs and kisses to those they know.

You may hear all sorts of Easter holiday greetings, however, the French say "Joyeuses Pâques!

Whether they are truly practicing Roman Catholics or not, Easter is a major holiday celebrated by all.

Churches, with their soaring architecture and revered history, are an intrinsic part of the French culture.

On this day, all the bells in France remain still and silent in remembrance of Jesus' passing.

As one might imagine, this is quite a somber remembrance, and one that's made all the more acute because the church bells typically ring out joyously at different times of the day.

While it's true that Easter is a joy for both young and old alike, it's the children in particular who seem to have the most fun.

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