Amoremio dating

"Let's go" I still can't believe my eyes. I layed my head on the pillow and thought about how tomorrow would go.

" I sat down on the bed, resting my head on the headboard. Hopefully, they'll take me with them and I wont have to come back. "I swear if you say anyt- "I know, I know, you'll kill me in front of them" He smiles. He walks off and a couple minutes later, I hear the shower running. The water dripped through my hair and down to my body. I rubbed my hair with Argan Oil and threw it in a ponytail.

The only good thing is that I don't have to worry about being accepted into any other schools because after college, I'll be done. "Soooooo, we gotta go out, celebrate, y'know" "Ehhh, it's gonna be awkward though. "Yeah, yours" "But I promise it won't be awkward. "Do you think he'd wanna hang out with us tonight?

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The car comes to a sudden hault making me lunge forward.

I don't even know anything about the stupid papers so why am I with him.

Don't lie to me Marcus." He laughed too and grabbed my hand. I don't wanna be late" We made it to Professor Juniper's class on time. "Congradulations, Noelle" Despite Professor Juniper's weird behavior, he's an alright teacher.

"Hey, Noey, did Professor Juniper assign your class a novel assignment? "It's funny cause we can think of anything when we wanna write but when someone tells us to write, it's like we have topics block or something" I laughed harder than I should've.

The one on the right had his hand on something attached to his wasit. Gunshots cracked into the air as loud as fireworks.

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