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Luckily in Thailand most people don’t care why you want to use them as long as you've got the money.

But if they do ask you can just give them one of the above reasons and you should be all set. That’s the easy part, if you know what you’re looking for, you can pretty much walk into most any pharmacy in Thailand and just ask for what you want.

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These places are also most likely to have something expired or fake so it pays to check the box if you find these types of places.

What you want is the nondescript quiet, clean place that has the word “Pharmacy” somewhere on the sign, not just drugs.

Buying all sorts of drugs in Thailand is one of those things that are so much easier than back home.

Back home if you have a problem or you get sick or just want drugs for whatever reason first you have to make an appointment, wait a week and shell out a bunch of cash to go see your primary care physician.

Then you get all the information including dosage, side effects and sometimes even pictures.

Some other names you can look into are Anabol, Mesviron, Provironum, Stanztab, Diabenol, Somatropin, Co-Diovan (HGH), Nandro (nandrolone), etc.

Places next to hospitals or clinics are usually legit and you can also try some legit looking places in touristy areas as they don’t care what the farang do they just want to make a buck and they’ll still sell you good stuff (just use your head and discriminate don’t buy from a place blatantly advertising drugs of abuse).

You are also likely to have success anywhere around a gym or Muay Thai arena (training or watching).

You might want them to stimulate bone growth and appetite, induce puberty in your son who seems to be acting a little too much like a kratoy, or other legit uses like treating chronic wasting conditions like cancer or AIDS.

There are even studies showing that you can use some forms like testosterone enanthate as a way to keep yourself from getting all those ladies pregnant!

This can cost a lot of time and if you live in a country without universal health care can cost you a lot of money. Well if you are in Thailand this is your lucky day because here in the Land of Smiles you can buy just about anything you want with minimal hassle and usually very low costs, even lower than what you’d pay in co pays.

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