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Ana isn't sure what to expect when moving into 221b with John and Sherlock. Centuries later she returns to Asgard to study healing, much to Loki's surprise and satisfaction, but soon he discovers that she has no memory of ever being in Asgard before - or of having known him.Sherlock isn't sure of having a woman share his flat with him. That's one weird name, sugar, no offence." Castiel finds Meg alive and reborn on Earth as a human girl - as a result of being unable to enter Heaven or Hell. Hela always knew she was different (it was kind of obvious).

" (A Reader-Insert continuation of my "Guardian In The Night" Fic) Enjoy, and please R&R! Yet, all three men find time to teach Castiel something new about being human. And tell me your story." This is the last thing that Metatron says to Castiel before sending him to earth. In that moment he swore to himself, he would avenge his family and get Castiel's grace back!

This is also available by the same name on Deviantart(dot)com and Archiveofourown(dot)com How Castiel views humanity, based off of his quote from It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester (4x07); "These people, they're all my father's creations...they're works of art."; mentions of Sam and Dean What if Henry Winchester hadn't screwed up? If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know? After giving up on the trials, Sam and Dean find Castiel lost, empty, and human. Now, several years later, Castiel meets Metatron up in heaven, and they sit down on a bench and Cas tells Metatron what happened after he became human. " Dean's feet swung wildly above the ground in excitement. Famous singer/song writer Dean Winchester is being bombarded by fangirls. What if one day everyone was disappearing, and fictional characters were becoming real.

But, soon the two find that both see the other as equally interesting as she joins the famous duo on their adventures. She just didn't know her brand of different extended to 'out of this world' kind of different.

But what happens when Ana and Sherlock begin to realize they have feelings for each other? Then, one day, a Norse god attacks Manhattan and, suddenly, nothing is quite the same anymore. But is there more to her departure than his betrayal of her trust?

Sam discovers a mark on Dean's scalp that Castiel recognizes as an old claim by an angel. Of course, with this trio adventure and trouble are always close behind, and as they meet up with Harry, Ron, and Hermionie we see just what type of mischief they attract."I am an Angel of the Lord," he growled, "and you are an impossibility. "I prayed for help," she said at last, "I didn't think it would come so quickly. 11th Doctor drabble focused around the ending of the 50th anniversary special, so beware of spoilers! [One-shot.]Dean Winchester has just started his summer break before his senior year with a long-term crush on a certain popular You Tuber.

No way Dean's going to be married to a random angel against his will. Set before 6.17 Destiel After an accident, Rose wakes up on the TARDIS. Or in a trench coat." Castiel/OC, set from 5x01 'Sympathy for the Devil'. (Destiel) Sam and Dean wake up to find things very different for them. Dean, got some internal conflict, got some external conflict, got some case fic stuff, got a little bit of AU ish stuff. An opportunity to meet arises and Jo persuades Dean to go after the object of his desires...The Doctor isn't human, after all, and he has a tendency to show up when trouble is brewing."I hate it when you do that." "Do what John? - Pre- & mid-series era fic, Pondlock.¿Cómo se conocieron los merodeadores? A Supernatural 100 Themes Challenge: one hundred drabbles, one hundred words each. All of these alternate universes have one surprising thing in common. and will Sam accept the relationship is true and not the result of a curse or spell? Ahora los hermanos Winchester tendrán que entrar a la mente del ángel para traerlo de regreso, sin imaginar lo que descubrirán en el proceso.'I can assure you Ms Pond; I am certainly not a serial murderer.' Amy Pond falls into a different dimension and meets a certain consulting detective... Primary pairing is Sabriel, with a side of established Destiel.Chapter 19 is rated M, but the rest of the fic is consistently T."Finally someone thought you were worth something; and that someone was your guardian angel. [COMPLETED]"And when you die, and your soul comes to heaven, find me. In all this chaos, he saw someone laying on the ground. His nightmares came true as he recognized the person, his younger brother Castiel.The universe is made up of different realms and possibilities. Loki/OCOdin has taken notice of the bright and thoughtful Lady Sigyn.Somehow a trio is plucked from one and sent to another. He betroths her to his son Loki, but was the decision he made a truly wise one? I had always considered myself to be the type of person who had sympathy for the serial killer, not that I had ever thought it was so true...A tale of overcoming bias, fear, and closed-mindedness, love in all forms, bright green parkas, snowball fights, and gingerbread exploding.

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