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Subsequently after losing her medical license for Kitchen's surgery and other crimes, the "medically unfit" and discredited doctor (bound in a strait-jacket in a Mendocino, CA psychiatric facility) was periodically questioned (and psychologically evaluated) by Dr. The scene in a seedy hotel room was spell-binding - as Frank awoke and became more and more enraged, he-she realized in a mirror reflection that she had female breasts and genitalia as she tore off her bandages. She stood and contrasted her body next to flirtatious nurse Johnnie (Caitlin Gerard), 'his' former lover, who was exiting a shower naked. Get a fake passport, papers, go to Mexico or Costa Rica or Brazil, some place where people hide out, you know? I'm sure you know somebody who can get you a fake ID. (Grunts) You know, you jerk it off till you wanna sit on it...(She then demonstrated what to do with the extra hanging skin, or hood) You can flick it, suck it, you know, rub your face on it...

Ralph Galen (Tony Shaloub) for having run an illegal, black-market, plastic surgery medical clinic, and was still liable to be brought to trial. They were worthless pieces of s--t, but I killed them, and you're not supposed to kill people. I guess maybe in the end, it was a lot better than what I deserved. It's hard to go back to bein' Frank Kitchen when you look like a chick. Kitchen realized that he couldn't "go back to being a guy" - it was "medically impossible": I'm still tryin' to figure you out, and I don't get it. The cops are never gonna come looking for you being a guy, so maybe being a girl's the best way to stay out of prison. Later in the film, the surgeon confessed more about her motivations for the "unwanted and unnecessary radical surgery" on Kitchen, to rid him of his penchant for homicidal violence, release him from his "macho prison", and give him an "opportunity for redemption": I decided I wouldn't and couldn't do something simply for revenge, so I also performed the surgery partially as an experiment. Yeah, I think it worked out for the best."'Frank' also pursued after the doctor, killed her four associates and bodyguards, and severely wounded the doctor. So I just have to kinda fold his penis up like a balloon animal and shove it up in my vagina." Carla: "That sounds horrible..." Kiki: "Sometimes, I take the balls and shove 'em up there too because at least, you know, they're firm." Carla: "Honey, that is a lot of s--t to shove up your cooter." Kiki: "I mean, I'm just happy he's circumcised." Amy: "Agh! OK, well, take care of this, though, 'cause this is like a big giant man clit. If you work this, it's gonna be like...(Sound of orgasmic explosion). "Canadian director April Mullen's lesbian-romance film, set in Toronto, was shot with an all-female crew.

The superstar duo, who were also joined by Zendaya, continue to blaze the promo trail for their new movie The Greatest Showman - with the medley of hits being an eye-catching way to lure fans to the cinema.

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Two weeks before the movie's release, the trio stepped out in New York City to film a segment with James for his late night show.

During filming, Zac took a hard tumble on his tricycle in front of his co-stars.

The actors were filming scenes for segment, Crosswalk The Musical. James rocked a red dress with a brown coat, adding a heavy beard and an accessory in his hair.

Zac, 30, wore a red and gold coat, adding black trousers and a matching top hat; he held tight to a large lollipop as well. Zendaya stood out in her ice skating inspired costume.

The actress, 21, rocked curly tresses while busting out a move on the New York City street for the skit.

Zac later made a statement with his voluminous blonde wig during another part of the segment, seemingly inspired by the eighties classic Fame.But I think I might be different with you," although Jasmine claimed she knew how to keep a man interested.Dallas hinted that Jasmine was "the right girl" for her - and they came close enough to kiss each other.'But he's got to realize that while he might be playing the Greatest Showman I have to live up to the mantle of actually being the Greatest Showman.And so I will do what it takes to achieve perfection.' As they threw themselves into the hilarious skit, James appeared as the bearded woman from The Greatest Showman.The brunette was Jasmine (Natalie Krill) - a prim and proper Toronto fashion magazine editor.

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