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Meanwhile, it has been reported that the most popular username on the site is "Talldarkhandsome".Admitting to infidelity might still be the last thing most people would want to do in public.

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It has made discretion a key selling point and, in a television interview last year, Chief Executive Noel Biderman described the company's servers as "kind of untouchable".

According to the Quartz website - which claims to have downloaded the data from the Dark Web - the slew of information reveals several million individual credit card transactions that went to Ashley Madison.

Mobile phones, in particular, can easily be turned into spying devices - thanks to their built-in cameras, microphones and GPS chips.

According to private investigator Richard Martinez, a simple piece of software can allow a jealous spouse to monitor all their partner’s movements, texts, emails and calls. For anyone just joining us, here's a recap of what we know so far about the Ashley Madison hack today...

“For people who are already sensing cracks building in their relationship this could prove to be the final straw and force couples to have a difficult conversation that they may have been putting off for a while.

Often it is the simple fact that their partner is thinking about an affair, not that they have had an actual affair, that worries partners most.

They are each said to show the name of the person involved, their address, the last four digits of their credit card number and the amount paid.

One researcher even claims to have found that a listed credit card is “still valid” and in “daily use”: Although there was earlier some scepticism about if the Ashley Madison leak was genuine, investigators are now beginning to agree it is real.

"At the route of these exploits, I am reminded of the advice I regularly give to kids.

At a very basic level, do not put anything online you wouldn’t be happy to see on the front page of news on your grandmother’s coffee table.

“While being on the list is obviously not proof of an affair, it is likely to erode the trust in the relationship.

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