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Then the 2nd week he was quiet, and I thought he had lost interest or found someone else. I thought maybe he was busy with work and that's why he had basically dropped off the face of the earth. You cann't expect a relationship along normal lines. Asperger's is a permanent dysfunction, but Asperger people are people too and most of the same things hold.We've become a little closer, but then he told me that he has AS, and when I asked him what it was he sent me a link to wikipedia. Or was he just an ass who happened to have AS and make a bad name for the syndrome? Whether you can get a suitable relationship going depends on a lot of things, and a lot of this has to do with where you score on patience, tolerance, clear thinking, knowledge, independence, strong self-confidence and adaptability. Whether a person cheats depends on a lot of things and it is just not logical to say that because a person with one characteristic (in this case Asperger's) has done something (in this case cheating), all people with that characteristic might do it. It's like saying all dogs have a high probability of biting because one bit your friend. For example, if you just started dating this guy, give the relationship time to develop.

When I told my friends about AS my friend told me the story of her ex, who was also an aspie. I've talked to my guy about this and he avoids the topic, I'm not sure if this is because he's guilty or maybe not understanding the way I'm bringing it up. As an Asperger person, he needs his time to himself.

She had met him on an internet dating site and they hit it off well and then she found out he was cheating on her. I'm full of the normal anxieties that come with starting a new relationship, plus I'm learning about AS as I go along. As a human being, it is just too much most times to expect instant symbiosis (and that is a problem anyway.

It is fair for you though, to ask him to help you understand what he wants you to do during those times.

Making sure of course that you're being fair to yourself and that you can accept that in YOUR relationships regardless of the AS factor.

Actually, it's even better because you do not even have to leave your house and bother with cold reception that awaits you at other places.

All you need is an internet connection, which makes dating for our users much more convenient.

that said most see it as a baisc rule of datin and relationships that cheating is unacceptable by society's rules and standards so No Cheating isn't a normal AS trait...

the other factors of his past are more likely the influencive reason as to why this man cheats/cheated on you... , psycological abse by wemon of his family, mom, grandmother, aunts, & sisters etc.

Having Asperger's and dating becomes easy thanks to our club!

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