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Luckily, there are a few simple tips and tricks to help you attract more women to your profile!

Many men find it challenging to write about themselves.

Just because you are including all of the right types of information in your profile, that doesn’t mean word choice is not important.

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Online dating profiles can be hard to perfect and master, especially because there is so much competition out there.

However, most people have subpar dating profiles, so making sure yours perfect will put you leaps and bounds above the rest!

If that’s not the look you’re going for, tell people what you ARE looking for without the negative spin. Online dating doesn’t carry the stigma that it used to.

Give it an honest try and don’t feel like you have to be ashamed or project skepticism about it.

Try out a few and get a feeling for what types of daters they’re attracting: hookups, casual and open-minded daters, people looking for something serious.

If you’re looking for my opinion on a few of these sites, check out this blog post: “I Tried Three Online Dating Sites and Here’s What I Found Out”. Oddly enough, trying to sound or look too ideal in a dating profile is a great way to come across generic or have people think you’re a catfish.

Here’s your chance to make some adjustments and create a more well-rounded representation of who you are that will increase the chances of attracting who and what you’re really looking for. Don’t shy away from asking a female (who’s opinion you trust) for some feedback.

Or maybe just ask a good friend to confirm that you’re comin’ across as delightful and charming as you are in real life. Take these things into account and you’ll have yourself a good-lookin’ online dating presence aimed towards trying to find some genuine connection.

Try out these tips and tricks and see the difference in the women you attract and get to meet.

Another day, another suggestion on how to be more successful at not dying alone.

So, make sure you are’t using generic, cliche, and cheesy diction.

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