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“We should all strive to be baalei teshuva.” In this world of labels and characterization, some people may think of baalei teshuva as a certain kind of exotic being – brave and noble, but not really part of the general population. Every person stagnates unless constant thoughts of teshuva are on his mind.

His failure therefore carried a double weight on his heart.

Not only would he never reach the level he had hoped for, but he had placed his people in jeopardy. Again he tells us that in the final analysis, we have to clear our minds from all scheming and reasoning.

David knew there is no such thing as a behavior that is solely the business of the one who performs it. He dares not even start to repent until he has wiped away all deceit from his lips.

In spiritual matters, a “victimless crime” does not exist. Our sages tell us that David was the first to repent, and thus he paved the way for all future baalei teshuva.

He is fully aware that a depressed state will never bring about a positive future. Our sages tell us that David actually asked to be tested.

Instead, he speaks for a moment about the good he brought to this world, asking that in this merit his current state be put aside. You cleansed me of my scheming thoughts, that they may never cross my lips again. He aspired to a higher level of holiness and was told that to reach the level he hoped for, he would first have to pass just such a crisis.

It causes the anger within us to fester, because the ill feeling, which is certainly a sin, doesn’t dissipate.

Rather, it gets worse because of our lack of true teshuva.

Instead we must take ourselves to a simpler place: Support my footsteps on the circuitous byways so that my feet will not falter.

Even these circuitous byways, where our view of the final goal is sometimes obstructed, are laid out for us by Hashem.

Most people observe others in order to find fault in them, thus boosting their own egos by feeling smug and superior. Rather, when you look at someone else you should see only yourself and realize what a small man you are compared to your neighbor.

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