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Contact Person: Steven NIYONZIMA Contact Person Title: Coordinator of Rwanda Cleaner Production Centre Email Address: [email protected], [email protected] Number: 250 78830 67 42; 250 255121240 View Website The National RECP Network in Dominican Republic brings together members of both the public and private sector to share knowledge, practices and technologies, which support sustainable development.

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The BG group is a firm of consulting engineers of international scope.

Founded in 1954, it operates in Switzerland, France and Algeria, and provides support to its clients around the globe.

LCPC is now extending its services to other fields such as Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), eco-labeling, and other ethical, social and labor-related issues. Ali Yaacoub Email Address: [email protected]: Number: 9613398023 View Website The KNCPC implements diverse projects aimed at establishing cleaner production systems and sustainable industrial development, such as establishing the technical foundation for cleaner production; developing industrial environmental policies; disseminating a green management system and an industrial infrastructure for resource recycling, and providing comprehensive support for international environmental regulations for companies, and so on. D) Senior Researcher (Project Manager) [email protected] 82-2-2183-1568 View Website The Kenya National Cleaner Production Centre (KNCPC) is a Trust under the Ministry of Industrialisation and Enterprise Development.

It was established in July 2000 as part of the global UNEP/UNIDO National Cleaner Production Centre program. the Centre has undertaken over 500 RECP Assessment and over 1,000 RECP experts Jane Nyakang'o The Director jnyakang'[email protected] 20 60004870 View Website Contributions of GCPC towards promotion of CP / CT in the state have been significant.

To achieve its mission REC Caucasus facilitates cooperation among environmental stakeholders by supporting exchange of information, offering advice and technical expertise, and promoting public participation in environmental decision-making. Nune Harutyunyan Director [email protected] 11 57 47 43 View Website Gaia is a consultancy for sustainable business.

Sustainable business means efficiency, reduced risks and new opportunities - it is all about producing more from less.

RRECPC lays an emphasis on capacity building and awareness-raising of RECP principles among state authorities and the corporate world to stimulate further discussion and appropriate action.

Furthermore, RRECPC stimulates engagement through RECP awards and demonstration projects.

It offers multidisciplinary management and engineering services in the infrastructure, environment, construction, and energy sectors. Guillaume Massard Head of Unit, Territorial Energy Planning [email protected] View Website The Regional Environmental Centre for the Caucasus (REC Caucasus) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, established in 1999 within the framework of the “Environment for Europe Process” by the governments of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and the European Union.

RECC’s main aim is to assist in solving environmental problems as well as in developing the civil society in the countries of the South Caucasus.

The ZNCPC operates as stage gate teams drawing expertise from SIRDC’s 12 technical research institutes.

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