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The issue came to the fore recently when Australia voted in a new Liberal Prime Minster and the inner cabinet contained only one woman.

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Men and women are not ‘equal’ in their gifts but both sexes have a multitude of specific gifts and we always remain equal in our dignity as human persons.

The more we focus on false notions of power and equality the less happy and satisfied we will be.

The Liberal party has no particular quota on the number of women who must be selected, basing itself on merit, whereas the outgoing Labor party has a self-imposed policy that aims to preselect women as candidates in a minimum of 40% of seats.

Imposing quotas though seems to be a rather disingenuous way to respect women.

However just because men and women are different does not mean that one is better than the other, in fact the very existence of humanity depends on these differences.

These differences are what we might call complementary and they are part of the richness and design of humanity.It begins at a subliminal level where the message is diffused that one’s gender is a social construction, meaning that a woman is a woman because she was dressed in a skirt and given dolls as a child, and a man is a man because he was dressed in trousers and given toy trucks.It is worth remembering that the term ‘gender’ came about in the early 1960’s in an attempt to differentiate between one’s biological sex and imposed sociocultural roles.In Sweden, toy company catalogues must now show images of boys playing with dolls and girls with guns, and vice versa, and in 2012 the Swedes introduced the genderless pronoun “hen” instead of “han” (he) and “hon” (she).One of their state-sponsored preschools has tried to obliterate the male/female distinction among children, so the children are not called boys and girls, but friends.He writes a fortnightly column called Foolish Wisdom ( which examines afresh issues within news, culture or faith.

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