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Overview of California Domestic Violence Law California's domestic violence laws seek to prevent violence in familial or intimate relationships.

Cops would not confirm the name of the alleged victim.

However, Alberto has been in a real-life relationship with WWE superstar Paige for a while and witnesses say she was at the airport with Alberto that day.

The decision is made the same day and the Petitioner/Counsel is responsible for obtaining a copy of the ruling along with all associated documents.

In the interest of safety it is suggested that you seek safe shelter throughout this process as your safety is the most important factor.

An Injunction for Protection is a Court Order, often referred to as a restraining order, which places restrictions on an individual who has allegedly committed acts or made threats of violence against another individual.

A restraining order may include requirements that restrain the Respondent from further acts of violence; order the Respondent to leave a shared dwelling; prevent the Respondent from coming to your home, school or place of employment; and/or award temporary custody of minor child(ren).

California Codes and Legal Research Options Free Initial Case Analysis from a Criminal Defense Lawyer Accusations of domestic violence against you or someone you love are very serious.

You’ll want to understand exactly what you are being charged with and if there are any possible defenses available to you or mitigating circumstances such a mutual combat situation.

He was also a WWE heavyweight champ but broke off from the organization in 2016.

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