Be2 dating site complaints about sprint gronenland online dating

I think many of you have heart b2, it;s so far the biggest mistake I have ever made with online dating site.I paid 5 CDN for a first month tryout, then I found this site is a crap so I stopped using it.Issue 4 - why can I not see my account details in relation to my membership? Port Macquarie was my closest city according to you...

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I was almost going to send it, but then I searched google and found there are soooooooo many cases exactly like mine hanging there. I recieved exactly the same email and reacted just like you.

Now I knew it;s a scam and I felt lucky that I didn;t send the money. This morning as Feb 5th, 2013, 2 month since I last talked to be2 people. All I would say is they are clearly scammers, reputable companies dont operate this way! How come they never use your name in correspondents, what legal firm addresses someone as be2 user?

After 1 month, I found my creditcard bill has shown a amount of 179CDN, I looked it up and found it was charged by be2 for a regular membership monthly fee.

I called my creditcard company told them this was an unauthorized transaction so I got my money back.

Well they took the entire £150 from my account on 6th June.

I emailed them and asked them to return the £95 they should not have taken.I wish i had read about them on the net before I joined. I promptly sent them copies of about 15 emails showing my attempt to resolve the matter and imagine my surprise (and delight) when I received a reply the other day saying that it was "unethical to pursue this debt and it has been closed" at their end!!!! I may start a facebook group about them and if i could find the FB owners email address I would ask them to remove their adverting as this is where i first saw the ad. I must admit that in this age of computers, many sites seem to only have automated replies which have nothing to do with questions raised. HERE COMES THE NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since then, b2 has been reacting as a super professional worldwide dating chain company(compare to their reluctance of writing back to me on how to cancel my membership, I wrote them many emails but didn;t get any email back, they have no customer service phone number either).I received this wanrning email said I have till what date to pay my outstanding amount with b2.wai I too have sent many email explaining that I didn't ask for this service. They said I had to sign & return the form to cancel Premium Membership of I would be charged again. Then an email saying that as they couldn't get payment from me they were going to add it to my next payment & it would keep mounting up unless I pay it.

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