Bears and cubs dating

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In the footage, thought to have been taken last month, the wild animals had lost their mother crossing the lake after she overestimated their swimming abilities.

The cubs were literally sinking and would have perished without the quick-thinking intervention of the Russian tourists. The net is rotating.'Man 2 (who holds the cub with the net): 'It's damned heavy, yes!

Fishermen rescued two drowning wild brown bear cubs in a Russian lake with video footage showing the remarkable affinity between beast and man.

The heart-warming film and pictures highlight how the frightened bears placed their total faith in the tourists in a boat on Lake Vygozero in the Karelia region of northern Russia.

These bears were likely born between early January to mid-February of 2016.

In some cases, the cubs were separated from their mothers; in one case, a cub was truly orphaned after his mother was killed by a vehicle.They took the bears into the trees hoping that their neglectful mother would find them and help them recover.In April 2016, the Wildlife Center began admitting this year’s bear cubs from locations throughout Virginia." Park authorities said they were mindful of an incident in 2011 when a mother bear killed a hiker but was determined to be protecting her young.The bear was allowed to live but several weeks later it was involved in a second attack and had to be put down.The men talk back to cub, encouraging it, as if it was a human child. The men took them to one of 500-plus islands on the lake - where their mother had swum, evidently unaware of the desperate plight of her offspring.

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