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I was fed up and frustrated when I stumbled onto Prešeren Square, the main square in Ljubljana for the first time.

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Links to some of my favourite Philippines posts: Some of my favourite Philippines photos: Slovenia was the very first country I fell deeply in love with — and it was only the second country I visited!

I arrived in Ljubljana, tired, sweaty and lost once again (for 18 months I stubbornly refused to carry a phone, resorting instead to hand-drawing indecipherable maps in my notepad).

It was large, crowded, noisy, polluted, chaotic and intense, it was everything I would usually despise in a city but in Marrakech it just worked. It wasn’t just Marrakech, it was camping in the Sahara Desert, my favourite experience to date.

It was following in the footsteps of my favourite musicians in the hippie beach town of Essaouira, and it was falling in love with the peaceful, powder blue town of Chefchaouen.

I bathed in hot springs, trekked through rainforests, sailed through fiords and witnessed crazy geothermal activity. All it took was a quick search online for “the best beach in The Philippines”, a Google Image search of “White Beach, Boracay”, and my flights were booked and I was off to experience one of my favourite places to date.

I’ve always assumed I wasn’t really much of a party person. Throughout University, you were always much more likely to find me studying in a library than out clubbing or drinking.

And though my personal tales of woe can obviously not compare, in Cambodia had some of my worst travel luck to date.

Over the space of a month I was given the wrong visa, I got food poisoning, I was attacked by jellyfish, I sprained my ankle and couldn’t walk, I fell over and cut up my knee so bad that it became infected, I had a fish swim into my bikini, I was in itchy, infected sand fly bites and I spilled a margarita over my brand new laptop.

Beautiful moments like these occurred on a daily basis throughout my stay in Slovenia, and the longer I stay the more my love grows for this wonderful country.

I even chose to spend my birthday in Slovenia last year!

I sunbathed on black sand beaches and white sand beaches, I saw wild sea lions and penguins — and even the elusive kiwi. I was in Hong Kong and planning on heading to China for a second time in a few days, but given how miserable my first visit to the country was, I was looking for any excuse not to go.

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