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An adventuresome cook will discover plenty of imagination and novelty here."—Booklist Reviews"This is a collection of innovative recipes with Korean flavors.

She lives in Seattle with her husband and eight-year-old son.

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Both Rachel and Seif remain working chefs who still cook on the line most nights in one of their signature open kitchens.

Their two young sons, Pike and Rye, can often be found in the family’s restaurants as well.

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This cookbook beautifully speaks to her personal story and gives guidance to how she creates her unique flavors.

This is the kind of cookbook that will be filled with stains because you will actually be cooking from it all the time!

shares her unique take on Korean fusion.”—Table Manners Aside"The story that she tells is very relatable and provides the back story to her inventive recipes and the dishes she serves at her and her husband’s restaurants... It’s a compelling read highlighting Rachel’s Korean upbringing and what it means to be American."—Wallyhood"With layers of flavors, culinary traditions, and cultural influences, this is a truly global take on Korean cuisine."—Readers Lane"Bravo to Chef Yang!

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