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A six foot tall man has a 21 per cent higher risk of high-grade prostate cancer than one who is five feet and eight inches.

Middle-aged spread of approximately four inches around the waist can raise the risk by another 13 per cent, an Oxford University study found.

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Dr Wilt said: 'Men currently diagnosed with prostate cancer will have even better long-term overall and prostate cancer survival with observation.'A potential harm of observation is that prostate cancer may spread if left untreated and could result in prostate cancer death.

'Fortunately for most men, this is very unlikely (about 10 percent of men after 20 years) and was not different in men treated with observation or surgery.

Some 61.3 percent of the study's participants who had surgery died during the follow-up period compared to 66.8 percent who were just observed.

Of these deaths, 7.4 percent of those who had surgery died due to their cancer versus 11.4 percent who 'watchfully waited', which is not significantly different.

This is compared to those who release just four-to-seven times every four weeks, a Harvard University study found.

The findings are true regardless of whether men achieve orgasm through masturbation or sex, the research adds.Researchers from the Minneapolis VA Center for Chronic Disease Outcomes Research analyzed 731 men with prostate cancer that had not spread.Between 19 the men either had their prostate removed or received 'watchful waiting' - observing patients and allowing time to pass before issuing treatment. Results revealed that having the prostate removed does not increase a cancer patient's survival prospects.We have been building the world's most popular Word Press themes for the past 10 years, and you can rest assured our products will always be improved and maintained.Divi is our flagship theme and visual page builder, and the most widely-used premium Word Press theme in the world according to stats from Built Rebel Mouse is great at integrating with external services such as ad networks, exit-intent strategy platforms, newsletter services, and even e-commerce solutions like Shopify.

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