Beta analytic radiocarbon dating laboratory

Known value reference materials were analyzed quasi-simultaneously with the unknowns.

Results are reported as expected values vs measured values.

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Charred material that is Would you like us to track your package?

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Calculation and reporting of results are performed using an in-house software with built-in multiple cross-checks for each result.

A broad system of cross-checks comprises 300 pages of quality control commitment outlined in Beta Analytic’s ISO-17025 quality assurance documentation.

There are several ways to separate charcoal for dating from sediment matrix:1- Manual picking with tweezers or micro tweezers2- Flotation – this is applicable to larger pieces that are not encrusted in lots of clays Water flotation is a common technique used to consolidate or separate charcoal from sediment matrix.

There is little chance of actual contamination unless the water used for the flotation has petrochemicals in it or some highly organic suspension.

Beta Analytic clients receive Quality Assurance reports with their results.

The QA report provides the results of reference materials used to validate radiocarbon analyses prior to reporting.

Contact us for​​ shipping ​instructions for your region ​​before sending your samples. IMPORTANT: The laboratory does not undertake the dating of manuscripts, objects of art or other valuable or priceless items unless they are submitted and paid for by a recognized governmental agency, major museum, or other official agency that is investigating the materials as part of multidisciplinary scholarly process. 5/F South Block Tower C, Raycom Info Tech Park No.2 Ke Xue Yuan South Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100190 China Tel: ( 86) 010 5982 2196 Tel: 4000-365-965 (Applicable within Mainland China only) Fax: 86 (10) 5982 2588 Email: [email protected] Analytic Inc.

서울특별시 서초구 서초대로 396 강남빌딩 16층 (리저스 사무실 내) 16F, Gangnam Bldg 1321-1, Seocho-dong Seocho-gu Seoul 06619 Korea Contact: Mr. You only need to include the confirmation code in the packag​e​​.

Redundant crosschecks are performed by multiple persons throughout the log-in, cataloging, pretreatment, chemical conversion, AMS loading and detection, data reduction, calculation, and reporting.

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