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You will also be given the opportunity to install Game Spy Comrade on your PC. After the installation is complete you should restart your PC.

Once the game has been successfully installed start the game by either double clicking the Battlefield 2142 icon on the desktop (if you selected this option during installation) or do the following: If you have purchased the game via the EA Download Manager then follow the instructions as given on screen in the EA Download Manager to install the game.

(AGP and PCIe only) Sound card: Sound Blaster X-Fi series from Creative Labs Hard Drive space: 2.2GB of space is required to install the game Internet connection: 512Kbit Cable/DSL connection SUPPORTED VIDEO CHIPSETS WITH LATEST DRIVER VERSION INFO.

(AGP and PCIe only) Sound Card - Direct X 9.0c compatible Hard Drive space: 2.2GB of space is required to install the game Internet connection: 128kbit Cable/DSL connection In order to play the game at the recommended resolution, detail and performance levels, your computer should match or exceed the following specifications: Operating system: Windows XP with latest service pack installed Direct X 9.0c February 2006 edition (included) CPU: Intel Pentium 4/AMD Athlon 3.0 GHz or equivalent RAM: 1.5GB Video Card: 256MB Direct X compliant video card, Pixel shader 2.0 and above.

The Project Reality Team develops this modification completely free of charge for its community to download and play.

If you would like to show your support, please consider donating to our team.

If you wish to play on ranked servers you must have Punk Buster installed. You are also required to have Direct X 9.0c installed to play.

This is included in the install and will prompt you to update if required.

Start as a regular soldier, but if you prove your leadership and fighting skills on the battlefield, work on your team's propaganda or recruit and train members for your team you can move up the ranks easily.

Support your team by participating in team and squad trainings or help planning the strategy for the next battle.

Note you will be given the option to install Punk Buster anti-cheat software.

This software is required for play on online ranked servers.

NOTE - This feature is only available on X-Fi soundcards with support for "Gaming Mode". A guide to setting up your soundcard, plus details of compatible hardware can be found at order to play Battlefield 2142 online, you must have the following ports open in your firewall.

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