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Sonam and Anand celebrated their one year anniversary last month.According to reports, Sonam had planned a special dinner for Anand and even bought him gifts.But quite often, we’re not saying what we really are,” he explained, adding, “You can see people as they really are because you’re looking into their eyes and that never lies”.

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There have also been reports of them going for holidays together.

In March this year, Anand was with Sonam’s family in London.

Speculations about them tying the knot soon began after Anand accompanied Sonam and her father, actor Anil Kapoor, to the National Awards ceremony last month.

For her 32nd birthday today, Anand planned a surprise and even posted some pictures on Instagram.

As the evening draws to a close, the participants seem generally satisfied with their experience and make a note of those they wish to pursue.

Although actor Sonam Kapoor is yet to publicly admit that she is dating Delhi-based businessman Anand Ahuja, the two don’t seem to be hiding their relationship any more.

Unable to speak, every gesture, smile and grimace is accentuated and communication is left to facial and bodily movements.

To the sound of Carl Douglas’s disco hit “Kung Fu Fighting”, dates show off their martial arts moves.

Lucie, a teacher with long black hair, sits opposite a young man, hands on knees.

She lowers her forehead, takes a deep breath before diving into the eyes of her partner with a fragile gaze.

Check it out: They are often seen engaging in a friendly banter on each other’s posts.

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