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Sometimes, you do while sometimes, you do not care.But still thanks for your precious efforts that makes it even more special for me. I am really grateful to you for making my day so special even in the working hours. A special thanks to all of you for all the fun that we shared together. I really wished i could give a lot of time for us to spend together and enjoy throughout the day, but your efforts has certainly made my day blister into the heaven. Your courageous words have always made me strong and stand tall infront of everyone.

Replying with thank you messages and quotes would mean a lot to that person.

Simply send over 30 best reply for birthday wishes from here and make him feel special.

You have certainly supported me throughout even in the hardest days of my life.

On my special day, when you were the first person to ever wish me, I really felt so humble and so supported that it could never be better in any day.

A survey of over 2,000 British parents found that the average cost of a birthday party for a child between the ages of four and 10 tots up to £320.50 - and that's before thinking about birthday presents According to the poll, 71 per cent usually plan to cut back on costs next year but, of these, 81 per cent confess they rarely stick to this as they want their child to have the best party of the year compared to their friends.

A spokesperson at, which carried out the survey, said: 'Children between four and 10 years old are far too young to appreciate the value of money, never mind the gesture that's being given, and we'd even go so far as suggesting there could well be an ulterior motive of competing with other parents from the schoolyard.'Children so young don't need the best of everything – you can host a party at home, invite a few of their closest friends and put together some simple party games; they'd have just as much of a good time!I would really wish to say you thanks for making me feel so special on such a day of my life and making me feel well.Thanks to you my dear for making my special day so memorable in different ways.I really enjoyed the time and effort you put in to choose the perfect gift for me on such a day. Thank You so much for presenting it to me on my Birthday.The one special thing that I will always remember this whole year is the moment that the clock struck 12, and you were the first person to wish me.if it is your birthday today, then be prepared because a lot of birthday wishes are all set to shower on you.

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