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Since she was sculpted out of clay and exclusively been only around girls and ladies, Diana is a novice to reproductive biology (which she knows about, but only in books) and hence shows befuddlement when a nude Steve emerges from the pool.It's a comical moment because Steve thinks Diana is gazing at his genitals when she's actually staring at the watch to his left!

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For instance, Sameer (Sad Taghmaoui) and Chief (Eugene Brave Rock), Steve's helpers in the war effort, are introduced toward the middle and given short shrift.

Although Heinberg gives them heroic tasks, they're placed in conventionally subservient roles.

The Germans have been targeting the young American and when they empty their bullets, the Amazonian warriors are ready with their fire arrows.

After the battle, the Amazonians interrogate Steve with the Lasso of Hestia, which forces the pilot to explain his identity and the essence of his mission.

Screenwriter Allan Heinberg incorporates several characters from the Wonder Woman comics in his classical three-act script. In a rather revealing indication of how they want to appeal to as many audiences as possible, Heinberg and Jenkins have combined the sword-and-sandals epic, British period drama, and war film into a two-hour-and-forty-minute cinematic journey.

Following a prologue in Paris, the narrative flashes back to the paradisaical Mediterranean island of Themyscira where the all-female Amazonians live in peace.Gadot largely carries the movie on her shoulders along with an assist from Chris Pine, who looks comfortable in the subordinate role of American spy Steve Trevor.While Wonder Woman features a cast of thousands, it benefits from key contributions in secondary parts from such veteran actors as Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, and David Thewlis.Both Hippolyta and Antiope believe that the Amazonians should be well-trained and fully prepared for an attack but share opposing approaches to Diana's maturation and development.Antiope thinks that Diana should be well-versed in the art of sword play, for example, but Hippolyta figures that she's pushing her own daughter too hard.Because Diana and Steve each come from separate parts of the world where gender norms, social customs, and mores are very different, the scenes between the two characters are quite funny and amusing.

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