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Many teens grapple with feelings of angst and inadequacy, but Nathan Matthews of Gloucestershire, England, was a unique case.Born with the debilitating musculoskeletal disorder fibromyalgia, Matthews spent his youth in physical and psychological agony.

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Seemingly inconsolable, he would spend the bulk of his teenage years alone in his room.

Much of Matthews’s solitude was spent watching violent porn.

Over the course of that viewership, he developed a taste for teenage girls, whom he wished to violently control.

Those urges became reality when Matthews started dating Shauna Hoare.

In 1979, David Dickson got court-martialed for a curious string of offenses.

While stationed at a US Army base in Korea, he stole white sneakers from a number of different women. Dickson simply had an insatiable lust for women’s white sneakers.

Years later, that proclivity got him tried for murder.

On November 30, 1984, 20-year-old Deborah Wilson was working late on a project in a Drexel University computer room in Philadelphia.

Accordingly, it was Dickson’s job to watch over the computer room and usher Wilson to safety once she completed her work.

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