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Eventually there is a convergence of moronic subplots on a rocky outcropping. Thank goodness there's no "Bloodthirst 2." What's that you say? Believe it or not.i couldnt believe this movie as it started. (and im not insulting those who didnt like it) it wasnt about having good special effects, good god thats what hollywood is for. I'm probably not the best qualified to write a review of this film, because I haven't seen it. I started to watch it, but I turned it off about half-way through because it simply got too stupid to bear. Somewhere in Arizona in the foothills fo the Rockies, a sleepy town is being attacked by a bloodthirsty killer.

The Mago (Lenore Sebastian) reveals that she actually is the chupacabra, and a horrifying battle for survival (which includes the least credible hypnosis subplot I can recall) ensues. Goats are turning up dead, drained of blood, and the locals are attributing the killings to the creature known as the chupacabra, the goatsucker.

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"Chickboxer,") you know about low-budget filmmaking. The Bookwalter films are not very good even by his own standards, but stand the test of time as amusing cheese.

I have rated it two stars for two reasons: first, I like to encourage independent filmmakers; second, there are several wholly unintentional moments of hilarity to be found here.

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