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The early residential development of Elizabeth is but half its history, however.

Designed by Lockwood, Greene and Company, industrial engineers and architects under the direction of J.

Norman Pease, the building continues to function as an educational facility today and is now part of Central Piedmont Community College.

The first of these was the Highland Park Company's original development along Elizabeth Avenue.

It was soon followed by Piedmont Park, Oakhurst, Elizabeth Heights, and Rosemont.

The Elizabeth neighborhood on Charlotte's east side is the city's second oldest streetcar suburb.

It was begun in 1891 along what is now Elizabeth Avenue, an easterly extension of East Trade Street which was one of the city's major business and residential streets.Charlotte's hospitals left the central business district for suburban Elizabeth beginning in the late teens, and now the neighborhood is the site of two of the city's three general hospitals, and two smaller medical facilities are nearby.Small neighborhood shopping clusters began to form in the twenties.Along the crest of the hill was a fourth lane, today's Pecan Avenue-Caswell Road.It provided a shortcut between the three other routes, a convenience for travelers who had no business to conduct down in town and wished to avoid the long climb back up the hill. The price of ,500 for sixty-five acres included what is now the site of Central Piedmont Community College and surrounding businesses, the nucleus of the Elizabeth neighborhood.By the 1950s every one of Charlotte's principal east-west traffic arteries sliced through the neighborhood.

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