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The minimum number of mentions to be included in this year’s list was six.

6 mentions , Marc Macaluso The true story of the corporatization of cancer in the United States told through the eyes of a British Wall Street analyst who uncovers the corruption behind the approval of a drug intended to treat prostate cancer.

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Retreating into a silent world of imagination, she crafts a plan to prove her theory.

8 mentions , Justine Juel Gillmer A young Polish man escapes from a concentration camp in which he was forced by SS agents to box other Jews, travels to America to begin a successful career as a professional boxer, and reunites with the woman he lost.

, JD Payne and Patrick Mc Kay When a wrongly accused man is shipped to an Australian penal colony for five years, he quickly realizes his only chance of seeing his family again is to escape the prison with a gang and survive the deadly terrain that awaits on the outside. Google’s Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt struggle with their corporate motto, “Don’t Be Evil,” in the face of their meteoric rise to a multi-billion-dollar valuation and a major Chinese hacking incident.

, Heather Quinn To combat crime in near-future Los Angeles, the FBI creates supercops based on specific genetic sequences.

At the same time, aspiring writer Eleanor Coerr learns of Sadako’s story and becomes determined to bring her message of hope and peace to the world.

, Cesar Vitale A grieving 13-year-old girl hires a terminally ill, acerbic philosophy professor to prevent flunking the seventh grade.19 mentions, Amanda Idoko After catching her husband in bed with a hooker, which causes him to die of a heart attack, Sue Bottom buries the body and takes advantage of the local celebrity status that comes from having a missing husband.20 mentions , Imran Zaidi In a world where your life can be saved, uploaded to a computer, and restarted in the case of your untimely demise, a husband returns from the dead, suspecting his wife may have been involved in his death., Natalie Krinsky Based on the short story “The Grownup” by Gillian Flynn.A con woman who pretends to read auras is hired by a wealthy woman to banish an evil spirit from her house, but it is soon clear that the fake exorcist is in over her head., Leon Hendrix III Cassius raises his sons, Malcolm and Mandela, isolated and alone in the woods.

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