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Time periods will vary a few million years from science site to science site.

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He broke free from the formality of so much Indian court art to explore the quirky human reality, stripping down courtly conventions to create miniatures full of living and breathing individuals, portrayed somewhere on the boundary between portraiture and caricature, like an Indian Brueghel, only much more elegant and refined.

Even in his large crowd scenes, there are no stock figures: everyone—each courtier, each village beauty, each gardener—is shown in portrait form as a real person, with all their oddities and quirks.

Dubbed the "Shiva Crater," this impact was apparently formed by a meteoroid or asteroid possibly 40 Kilometers (25 miles) in diameter.

Other possible impacts at this same period were the Boltysh crater in Ukraine and the Silverpit Crater off the east coast of the United Kingdom, deep in the North Sea.

Organelles are structures within cells that perform specific functions necessary for the evolution of fungi, protists, plants, and animals.

Cambrian period: This was a time of great geological upheaval, and may have contributed to the Cambrian Explosion, i.e., the rise of most major groups of animals having “hard parts,” such as skeletons, leading to a dramatic diversification of species.Also in this period came the formation of the Burgess Shale which preserved many fossils of animals having "soft-bodies." Ordovician period: Proliferation of graptolites, trilobites, primitive fish, coral, etc. Gondwanaland, later to become the southern part of the super continent, Pangaea, drifts over the South Pole, triggering a great Ice Age. Closing of the continents formed one super continent, Pangaea.Earth's greatest known extinction occurs at the end of the Permian, destroying 95% of all species on the planet.Neanderthal disappears, and is replaced by (or evolves into) Homo sapiens sapiens (modern man).Animal domestication (dog) begins around 12,000 years ago.The chronology of Nainsukh’s miniatures leads us from the family sketches and self-portraits of the artist’s own adolescence, through the move to Jasrota, his first commissions for Balwant’s father, Mian Zorawar Singh, and on to his first images of Balwant, his future patron.

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