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You drive in and feed the animals — giraffes, zebras, ostriches, antelopes — from your car. during spring break, we visited the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Texas.In the interview below, Vulture talks with Landecker about her experience with threesomes and open relationships, how getting diagnosed with diverticulitis made scheduling the show’s sex scenes, um, messy, and why she asked her partner Bradley Whitford to talk to her as his character Josh Lyman from . I’m going to be honest because we’re at the end of the day. And it’s also the greatest gift in the world, because as an actor you want to be pushed with the best writing and the best character on the best show. I find rage to be the scariest emotion as an actor, for me personally, to tap into. They had to rebuild the entire set on Paramount’s lot because of my diverticulitis.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actors started dating this summer (15), and made their red carpet debut as a couple during the Creative Arts Emmy Awards earlier this month (Sep15), when Whitford picked up an Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series trophy.

Although the two are featured in the cast of the acclaimed transgender series, their paths have never crossed onscreen - Whitford's scenes have always been with fellow Emmy winner Jeffrey Tambor in flashbacks, while Landecker plays the daughter of Tambor's character in the present day.

My older daughter has always eaten instinctively like a yoga teacher. It's easy to set the example of kindness and love and respect when things are good.

Then my son comes along, and it's like he's constantly carbo-loading for a nuclear winter. that the kids need to know that both of their parents are good people.

And the changes extend to his personal life: Last year, he and his wife of 17 years, Jane Kaczmarek, announced they had filed for divorce; also, the new job required him to relocate to Texas.

But if one thing in his life is rock-steady, it's his devotion to his three kids: daughters Frances, 13, and Mary Louisa, 7, and son George, 10.

I got certified as a teacher many years ago, but I never taught.

I like to do orange peppers, fresh cilantro, and ginger. It's going to sound very Hollywood when I tell you I flew the juicer with me to Dallas. It was amazing — but there was one aggressive ostrich that pecked my Prius.

The most fun I've had on vacation with my kids lately was...

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