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Brooke Penelope Davis Baker was born at New Brunswick County Hospital in Tree Hill, North Carolina, to parents Robert Theodore "Ted" Davis, Jr.and Victoria Anne Davis (née Montgomery) on March 4, 1989.

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Eventually, Brooke is motivated to become a good mother herself, which prompts her to take in a teenage foster child named Samantha.

Though Sam is initially resistant, the two eventually bond as Brooke proves herself to be a dedicated parent.

During this time, Brooke experiences a pregnancy scare, eventually learning that her results were actually negative; however, in the heat of an argument with Lucas, she lies to him and tells him that she is pregnant with his child.

When she comes clean about the truth, Brooke explains that she wanted to punish Lucas for cheating on her with Peyton.

Brooke Penelope Davis is a fictional character from the CW television series One Tree Hill, portrayed by Sophia Bush.

Initially introduced as the best friend of the show's original female lead, Peyton Sawyer, throughout her experiences, Brooke grows from a wild and generally carefree girl into a more mature and grounded young woman.

Karen Roe, Lucas's mother, was Brooke's only mother figure growing up after she temporarily moved in with her when her parents left Tree Hill.

Throughout her development, Brooke grows to become more independent and mature, partly due to her relationship with Lucas.

After uniting against Nicki (Jake Jagielski's ex-girlfriend), Brooke and Peyton agree to a truce and slowly begin to rebuild their friendship.

At the start of the second season, Brooke is forced to grow up when her father loses his job, thus forcing the Davis family to sell their belongings and temporarily become destitute.

Sam later leaves Brooke to live with her biological mother.

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