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Plan | Map When the cemetery was developed around 1874, it was used by Presbyterians - the area reserved being at the back of the cemetery.

Other denominations were catered for by Church of England (Anglican), Wesleyan (Methodist) and Catholic cemeteries which existed locally (the first two being in churchyards).

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The first burial was in 1879, the same year that tree planting took place.

After a request in 1949, the Ellesmere County Council took over control of the cemetery, and this was formalised in the early 1950s.

In August 1950, the Ellesmere Cemetery Board decided to ask the Ellesmere County Council to take over the administration and upkeep of the cemetery.

Plan | Map The cemetery was first developed in 1877, with the first burial taking place the following year.

A Methodist church had been built here, but was shifted to Southbridge in 1875.

From the 1880s, when the Methodist section of the Ellesmere Cemetery was developed, the cemetery had little use.

Plan | Map The Department of Lands and Survey was approached in 1935 by residents of Lake Coleridge to set aside an area of about two acres for a cemetery.

On this site was the grave of a man who perished in a snowstorm in 1918.

Early minutes of the Greendale Cemetery Board are missing, but it appears that the following areas were originally allocated: Methodist, Baptist, Church of England (Anglican), Catholic and Presbyterian.

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