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It is in the central area of this room, on one of the tables.

Golden Mini-30 Part #3: When the chase resumes after the helicopter shoot-out, drop down the stairs of the helipad, and turn right to enter a small room. Golden .38 Revolver Part #3: As you are chasing Fabiana on the roof, you will come across a large red sign placed on a platform, which you will have to go around. Golden M10 Part #1: It is in the recording room, next to the camera, on the floor.

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Look under the stairs that took you outside the bar to find it.

Golden M500 Part #1: It is inside Max's apartment, near the table by the window.

It is recommended you first clear the area, and then look for the corridor, behind the wall to find it.

Golden SAF 40 CAL Part #3: After clearing the garage, search the room to your left to find it on the desk. Golden Micro 9MM Part #2: After the exiting the hangar where Fabiana was tortured, go straight, then turn around.

To reach it, follow the stairs to the left and through the doors.

Golden Mini-30 Part #2: When you enter the club's lounge after exiting the kitchen, you will be in a round room.

You must be very quick while retrieving it, or Passos will run out of ammo and you will die.

Golden M2A1 Part #3: After finding out the whereabouts of Fabiana and you are going to kill the second sniper, you will come across another tribune you must cross to reach the tower.

Golden Mini-30 Part #1: It is behind the bar in the VIP area.

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