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Jennifer Payne is from Janesville, Wisconsin and contends that Wisconsin is the real state that looks like a mitten (take that, Michiganders).

When she’s not at work, she likes to point out scientific inaccuracies of Jurassic Park and Land of the Lost.

Zoro’s fuzzy-fingered cartoon hands just couldn’t turn the spigot on the sunset blush wine box fast enough.

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Courtney’s wide work experience prepared him for his role, and Nature itself gifted him with the dulcet tones required to soothe the concerns of all who speak to him.

It’s the kind of voice that, when you here him say “There, there” all your muscles relax and an incredible calm manifests from the depths of your very soul and all is right with the world.

The motivation here is clear: that crab was in the market for a crustacean vacation.

Kevin now has the title of, “Passport Crab Wrestler,” because he retrieved his passport and stopped a crab from stealing his identity*Kate brings a varied and colorful range of experience to Zoro.

In no particular order, she loves her laundry, family, and snowboarding.

She is working to improve her posture, which has been warped by walking like a velociraptor around the office. She’l have an answer for you, and a smile on her face.

She has a master’s degree in economics from the Warsaw School of Economics (yes, in Poland); she can play the violin, piano, and flute (no, not at the same time); and she can accurately pronounce bibimbap when she orders it at her favorite Korean restaurant.

All that said, the thing that clinched her hiring at Zoro is the time she spent as a veterinary technician. Fox when he stubs his little paw or catches fox flu. in a camper, which sounds pretty good, but is gonna get pretty crazy with her family and three pets along for the ride. Kate hopes some day to share a mojito with Bill Murray.

Kate enjoys antiquing, hiking, travel, animals, and sports. Fiona is the type of person every office wishes they had. Fiona hails from from the great Down Under and has brought with her a sense of charm, backwards-flowing toilets, and a dangerous talent for making scrambled eggs.

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